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Marvelous Marv has developed this leadership guide to share his secrets of leadership development based on his successful professional and community-based experiences

This guide is essential in the "I" driven environment in which we live and work. These secrets will transform your view of leadership and give you a fresh and exciting new approach to producing stronger leaders who will develop into higher performers with greater outcomes. His approach is personal and repetitive for the boardroom or your household. Using  his LEAD strategy will foster a culture of perpetual leadership as you re-envision your approach to leadership development.

Meet Marvelous Marv

MARVIN ALLEN (MARVELOUS MARV) has led small and large programs for Fortune 500 Companies, small companies, and non-profit groups. Marvin is an accomplished leader who is known as a turnaround agent because he thrives on impacting poor performing organizations and making them more efficient. Today, he leads others as a life coach and motivational speaker who helps people and teams get "UNSTUCK."

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