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Make A PACT With Yourself

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So often in government, we hear the term pact. Well, people can make pacts just as governments sometimes do. In my published leadership book, LEAD, a Guide to Fostering Perpetual Leadership, I consider long-term goals to be among one's hopes, ideas, dreams, or expectations (HIDE). So often, these long-term goals are abandoned or seem unattainable, given our temporal set of perspectives. As a Life Coach, it is my job to help clients uncover their HIDE... or unHIDE. I will share a tool designed to help you achieve this desired outcome. The tool involves making a PACT with yourself! So, let's define "pact" before we explore what PACT stands for in my concept.

I consider long-term goals to be among one's hopes, ideas, dreams, or expectations (HIDE).

A pact is an agreement between two or more parties that should not be broken. Imagine what deals you might have for yourself. What are you determined to achieve, and by when? What HIDE do you have for your future? While an essential part of leadership is to have standards or principles that you always rely upon, I further and strongly recommend you make a PACT with yourself that will help you withstand the pressures of time, peers, challenges, and other external influencers that may derail or attempt to derail your plans. So, what does PACT stand for, and how can you use it?

· Passion. What passion do you have for your dreams? As our world recovers from the impact of COVID, what is your new reality from a leadership perspective? What actions are you taking to get back on track toward your dreams? On a scale of 1 – 10, how passionate are you about the plans and actions you which to achieve? Having little passion may cause you to be disillusioned and less likely to reach your goal. But when passions are high, you tend to be more engaged and more hopeful about what you are pursuing. But beware...when you consider the enormity or vastness of your dreams, you can feel a bit intimidated. So, remember and embrace this concept early in the process: if your HIDE are not greater than what you imagine you can achieve, then perhaps they are not large enough. Therefore, the first step in making a PACT with yourself involves having a passion or a burning imperative that can't easily be quenched!

· Alignment. Alignment is my second consideration. Imagine performing a task you are misaligned with philosophically or by skill. What might be some ongoing frustrations you might encounter? How satisfying would career or dream alignment be? Unfortunately, many fall into careers out of necessity or fear their dream alignment is not sustainable. Proper alignment can be a powerful motivator when one learns how to use it, but alignment itself can be confusing. So, let’s define it further. I like Matthew Strom's approach to alignment. He shares that there are two types of alignment: People and Purpose.

  • Purpose alignment happens when a person, place, or process changes to be true to an idea. An example is when the company has a dress code you adhere to.

  • People alignment is when a person changes to be true to another person—for example, choosing to like a specific color because your older sibling likes it.

When making a PACT with yourself, I am focusing on Purpose alignment because it relates to you having an idea that aligns with you. Therein lies an automatic appeal. This connection gives you acceptance, safety, and motivation.

· Courage. As a Coach, I work with many people in various stages of their careers and with different personalities and perspectives. When dealing with your HIDE, your fear (false evidence appearing real) of uncertainty is a familiar and formidable foe. That fear often causes anxiety, confusion, and hesitation. Those who learn to manage this fear use courage. I associate unmanaged fear with a lack of courage or training. Caution, some see courage as some mystical strength that one has. However, I view courage as the ability to do something based on an assessment of the alternatives. We can't guarantee the outcome of many decisions in life, but we can weigh our options while considering the potential impacts and consequences. That is why not deciding is ultimately making a decision. In the business world, we manage the unknown by developing a Risk Management Plan and making risk assessments. Therefore, planning is an essential element. When weighing our options and opportunities, we don't have to feel immobilized and indecisive; we need to evaluate the options and make a decision. The ability to weigh the options is the secret to courage. When making a PACT with yourself, don't fear the unknown; enlist courage and manage the unknown.

· Time. My last point in setting up a PACT with yourself is that of Time. My elders would remind me that time waits for no one. The earth will continue to rotate around the sun, and time will keep ticking. Therefore, when deciding the timeline for accomplishing your HIDE, remember to embrace a reasonable, comfortable, and realistic time frame. Also, remember that over time, much can be learned. When projecting a time target, we not only want to hit our targets, but we want to enjoy the journey and the process. Always remember Project Management 101, under-promise and over-deliver. That wisdom is a quintessential gem that will serve you well as you make a PACT with yourself.

The ability to weigh the options is the secret to courage.

Making a PACT with yourself will establish an unbreakable commitment to help you reach your HIDE. You accomplish this by following your passion, aligning with your ideas, exercising courage, and allowing sufficient time for your HIDE to be realized. Your PACT will ultimately be a factor that can propel you to the finish line! Try it. Let me know how it works for you. Please post comments at, or you can email me at I would love to hear from you and offer other techniques if you are interested. So now go forth and #LEADPerpetually.

The information in this blog is provided on an "as is" basis with no guarantees of completeness, accuracy, usefulness, or timeliness. To subscribe to these blogs, please visit You will also have access to a leadership guide that started it all.

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Another great article, Marvin! Thank you! "Purpose" resonates the most with me. IMO, "Purpose" drives PACT. Knowing one's "Purpose" is like "Analysis": the 1st and lengthiest phase of any process/project. And if skipped or corners cut, the process/project miserably fails.

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