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“Marvelous Marv’s latest book, LEAD: A Guide to Fostering Perpetual Leadership will motivate you to be the genuine and authentic leader you’ve always wanted to be. In this book, “Marvelous” doesn’t just give you philosophies of leadership, but gives you the highest gift—himself.”

Sam Chand, Leadership Consultant and author of

New Thinking—New Future (



“LEAD is no ordinary book on leadership. In a time when leaders either hide behind their egos or crawl underneath rocks, this visionary book does not simply offer thoughtful leadership principles; it shares spiritual wisdom from a man of deep faith. Whether you are a budding learner or stagnant leader, page after page, you will feel as if Marvelous Marv himself is walking alongside you with an arm over your shoulder, giving you a pep talk, saying, “I believe in your destiny.” This how-to guide will bless your life!”

Rev. Kenyatta R. Gilbert, Ph.D., Professor of Homiletics,

Howard University School of Divinity


LEAD: A Guide to Fostering Perpetual Leadership

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