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LEAD Perpetually

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Is it possible? YES, but there is a challenge. The challenge is that it takes a personal investment of time and energy. Today we are so "I" and speed-focused that we don't take the time to allow leadership development to grow organically. We want to buy the latest theory and hire someone to make it happen. But if you are a decision-maker and are thinking of developing successors or better leaders, take the time to do the following:

1) Listen - spend time with those you are developing and become an active listener when in discussion with them. Spend more time listening to what has shaped them and less about what you have done.

2) Explore -as you listen, dive deeper into what they are saying. Help them discover their triggers and non-compromising principles that make them who they wish to be. Also. Listen intently for their hopes, ideas, dreams, and expectations (HIDE)

3) Affirm – so many people have been beaten down by society and love ones that they lack confidence. As you begin to affirm their thoughts you are causing them to uncover their hopes, ideas, dreams, and expectations (unHIDE). It’s not that they can’t achieve what they HIDE, they may believe the lies that others have told them about what they can’t do.

4) Decide – as you are developing them by Listening, Exploring, and Affirming, live your life such that they will decide to follow you. Leadership does not just happen. Just because you are at the top of an organization doesn’t make you a leader. It makes you a manager. When people follow you, you transform into a leader.

If you LEAD in this manner, you will find that leadership development is easier and more cost-effective than you think. Besides, you will discover that those you LEAD repeat this process. To learn more about these concepts join our Leadership transformational Podcast or blog by signing up to LEAD Perpetually. LEAD: A Guide To Fostering Perpetual Leadership.

It will change your organization and cause your followers to appreciate you more than you can imagine.

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